Joseph Attard

How to Paint a Portrait in OILS


Instructional DVD two disc set now available.


If you want the answers, go to the Old Masters

Joseph Attard demonstrates in the tradition of the Old Masters.

Joseph was taught by Harold Freedman who was taught by Napier Waller who was taught by Fred McCubbins and so a lineage of information continues.

Today, passing on generations of experience Joseph shows:

  • How to relate shapes and what to look for when drawing an eye.
  • How to get the difference in the character of shape of each individual.
  • Demonstration and analysis of all facial features.
  • How to build up a painting from underpainting to body colour and glazing

Enjoy each DVD packed with information and clear directions, from colour mixing to analysing facial shapes and a complete uninterupted portrait demonstration using a classical method.

"Joe is able to capture a great likeness and the character of the sitter becomes as much a part of the painting as the facial structure. This is achieved not through overemphasis or distortion but with a direct, careful observation and interpretation."

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